Blog 20: Nicky is home!

Nicky has finally arrived home from her visit to traditional Balsamic producer Acetaia San Giacomo in Reggio Emilia. She came home with loads of special presents for us, and we are looking forward to a tasting. The boxed Traditional Balsamic in the box below is aged for 12 years and takes 100L of wine/must to get 100mL! Saba is just the fermented must- with no vinegar action, and Nicky tells us that they have that on ice-cream, it is just like molasses!

Thanks again to the SA Food & Beverage Fund for providing the funds for Nicky to learn so much about the process of Balsamic vinegar making, and the very generous crew at Acetaia San Giacomo for looking after her so well (especially all of the Nonnas who kept her fed!).

Nicky will be updating her blog with pics and more stories- check out

A selcection of traditional balsamic treats that Nicky bought back for us. The one in the box is 12 years old!

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