Blog 34: Happy Fathers Day biking the McLaren Vale Shiraz Trail

The Shiraz Trail markers

Happy Fathers Day!

For Father’s Day-  Dad (Don), Marg  and I went for a bike ride along the Shiraz Trail, which goes from McLaren Vale to Willunga along the old train line. It’s a beautiful trail. We started in Field Street in McLaren Vale and rode past Bracegirdle the home of McLaren Vale’s best hot chocolates! We were tempted but decided to pedal on as we had only travelled about 200m at that stage!  

The Shiraz Trail is a really nice track to bike, walk or horse ride along and a good way to get away from the traffic. You only have to cross about 4 roads from McLaren Vale to Willunga, and if you have a Dad like mine you don’t even have to stop. Dad rides ahead before each intersection and tells me if any cars are coming so I don’t have to stop. I have a road bike with cleat pedals and I sometimes have trouble getting my feet out when we stop causing me to fall over sideways at intersections (very embarrassing) so Dad yells ‘all clear’ when it’s safe to cross. Thanks Dad, you save us both a lot of embarrassment!    

We follow the trail around to the Southern Hills Pony Club and up past the Willunga Oval then up the hill to Christina’s on High Street for a chocolate milkshake.

After the milkshake we fly home because there is a slight decline back to Mclaren Vale which makes for easy riding!

Dad & I all geared up for the ride

There are quite a few Cellar Doors along the way that are definitely worth  a visit including Primo Estate right next to the track.

For more info on the Shiraz Trail or the Coast to Vines Trail click here

 A personal tip- if you are travelling along the trail at this time of year beware of the SWOOPING MAGPIES! I got dive bombed about 10 times (very scary, but kind of funny at the same time). Gran’s tip is to draw eyes on a empty ice-cream container and put it on your head. Or a more modern tip from Dad is to put zip ties on your helmet so they bomb the zip ties and not your head!! 

Cheers from Brioni

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