Blog 48- Wirra Wirra Growers Lunch

Beautiful day in the Vale today, and a good one to share with great mates of ours out at Wirra Wirra. We grow grapes for a number of wineries in McLaren Vale and beyond, and we have been working with Wirra Wirra for around 5 years now.

Wirra Wirra is found on Mcmurtrie Road McLaren Vale- or online here. For those of you who havent visited- I highly recommend it. Not only is the cellar door awesome, the staff are very lovely and extremely knowledgeable- but they have brilliant grounds, including a brand new BBQ area and loads of lovely lawn. I was lucky enough to try their new flagship Grenache today- definitely one to watch.

Wirra's Greg Trott 1934-2005

Wirra was established by one of McLaren Vales greats- Greg Trott. A man who was well ahead of his time, always thinking and creating, pushing the boundaries, encouraging McLaren Vale to be present on the world stage- in wine, food, tourism and the arts- as well as being a larrikin with a warm sense of irreverance.

He built a fabulously enormous ‘woodhenge’ fence to welcome visitors, and developed a huge catapult- just for the fun of hurling watermelons across the vineyards! Today the catapult was in full flight- there is nothing that brings out the child-like delight more than using an enormous piece of engineering to hurl a watermelon fly long and high into the sky, and then fall to the ground bursting into a million pieces with a big ‘splat’! Even my 15 month old son was awestruck.

Wirra's Andrew Kay with James Halliday in front of the Catapult

That is a level of fun that doesnt get to happen every day!

Just one more of the great McLaren Vale wineries you shouldnt miss when you are next in McLaren Vale amongst the vines.


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