Countdown: Day 164: The 7th generation – Meet Miah

Seventh generation Miah in the vineyard

Almost nine year old Miah, winemaker Corrina’s daughter, is the only one of the seventh generation  Oliver’s who is old enough to contribute to this blog!

We like to call Miah the “vintage orphan”!  As she learns to keep herself entertained during vintage, especially during the long hours at the winery with her mum, or out on the harvester with her step-dad, Dan. She also helps out a lot with looking after her one year old brother, Koen.

We asked Miah for some of her thoughts:-

What do you love about being seventh generation on the same grape property?

It’s fun to help Mummy picking all the grapes. I like drawing pictures of the vines. I like having lots of space to explore, collecting bugs and frogs from the dam. Sometimes I don’t like being seventh generation because when I had to do a project for school on my ancestors and what country they were all from, mine was a bit boring when all my ancestors were from Australia.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A face painter, a shell and crystal collector. For work, I would like to be a bug scientist and name some new bugs that I find. I think I will be a single mum with three kids.

What things don’t you like about growing up on the vineyard?

All the millipedes that are very stinky. I don’t like some of the weeds that get stuck in my socks.

What things do you like to do with your Mum?

I like to pick grapes during vintage and help squash them in the fermenter with my feet. Mummy is teaching me to spit out the grape juice.

Do you like wine?

Yes, but I am only allowed to have small tastes with Mummy. No one else in my class likes it. Mummy makes me smell it first and tell her what I can smell. Sometimes I can smell apples, sometimes mulberries, sometimes banana, but I don’t like bananas.