Meet me at the gate-I have something to tell you

We have enjoyed in recent months scanning and photographing Gran Oliver’s and Great Gran’s diaries.  For the duration of their lives they have barely missed a day and it has been a pleasure to read the happenings of more mundane tasks like washing day to the births of the Oliver generations or their return from war.  Brioni and Corrina got quite a kick out of how Gran Marjorie got word of their birth, what the weather was like and her obvious joy, which was quite often written down, but not really expressed out loud.

girl at window

An illustration in Gran’s Autograph book

On reflection of these treasures that we now have in the office to refer to, it makes us contemplate how we communicate today.  I guess our personal timelines are measured with photos and happenings on facebook.  Will this say enough in the future?

We still take pleasure in the odd handwritten note received by one of our loyal customers or perhaps from somebody who has visited Cellar door and written a short note when they have got home to say ‘thanks’.

Two years ago,  I stopped writing Christmas cards, are the digital versions emotive enough of our connections and friendships?

We would love to hear your thoughts. Email is fine (cough cough into hand)   Do we have to get with the times or do we need to encourage our children to pick up a pen?

If you are a paper fan like myself,  check out some of the old school revival letterpress companies – check out the following on facebook (cough into hand again!) —- The Distillery or our local favs The Ink Room.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy a few of the little poems taken from Gran Marjorie Oliver’s autograph book.


To your health


The Kiss



oo la la

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did