An ‘ode’ to handwriting

An ‘ode’ to handwriting

There was once a coveted desire to own a ‘Mont Blanc’ pen, often a symbolic gesture for a graduation or the start of a new career.  I am pretty certain the $300 (back in those days) investment did not enhance our handwriting  but surely it was a sign that we had ‘made it’.

We are fortunate to find ourselves torn between tradition and the digital age.  As a modern parent we are now expected to trawl the technology isles for suitable ‘Mont Blanc’ gizmo equivalents. ( a handy hint for all, is it quite often has an apple on it). Entering middle age has us asking how important handwriting is in 2014? How do we balance is with the digital age? -or do we appreciate and move on?

After all, prior to the 19th century, there were many illiterate or uneducated people.  It wasn’t unusual to sign your name with an ‘x’. I am sure it got many convicts a passage to Australia.  Handwriting was often a sign of class status, education and wealth.

A recent project has been scanning hundreds of pages of Great Gran Hunt and Gran Oliver’s diaries dating from the early 1900’s until recent years.  They have journeyed us through early farming, upheaval during World wars, Hospital fetes and local dances.

Here are a few we would like to share with you.  Needless to say the handwriting is beautiful and the prose has been contemplated.  Our equivilant time lines are now on Facebook and that might be okay too?  Let us know what you think?

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Monday 5th November 1917
OliversAug15th1945 23
End of the War!
Family and Farming
Day of Days
Day of Days for Gran x
BertBallarat1944 30
HJ – 1944
Wedding day.
HJ and Majories Wedding Day