Vino Cotto spills onto the Taranga Orchard shelves

Vino Cotto spills onto the Taranga Orchard shelves

By now the girls are starting to get a bit sick of my containers of ‘potions’ precariously placed around our kitchen and lab, hoping to one day become a product at Oliver’s Taranga.

The waste nothing ‘edible/drinkable’ mentally is rather exhausting at time, albeit addictive!  For any of us girls at OT if you show any activity of baking, sewing or producing we throw around the title ‘Susie home-maker!’ to keep us in our place.

The delectable ‘add-ons’ to our wines are forever growing.  Our ‘1841’ Extra Virgin Olive oil, has quite a following now and we send it all over Australia to our email family.  With only the cold-pressed goodness on offering, the consistency and quality is always guaranteed.

Closely, following the olive oil was the making of our ‘Ambush Hill’ Red Wine Vinegar.  5 + aged red vinegar barrels (made essentially from sample leftovers) with the addition of 30% cooked down must, providing us with a ‘balsamic’ flavour to our cellar door samples -also a lovely accompaniment to the ‘1841’.  A little stint in Reggio Emilia (Italy) further fed the passion.  Check out our past blog on my Italian ventures in 2011.



Our preserving life didn’t end there.  A couple of years ago we expanded with the inception of the ‘Taranga Orchard’ label.  Balsamic Fig Jam, Triple Ginger Nectarines, Quince Jelly and soon to be newbie Gran’s Tomato Chutney.

An orchard of yesteryear surrounds our cellar door with many trees mimicking the plantings of years gone by; quinces, figs, cumquats, mulberries, apricots, nectarines and lemons.



IMG_1480 IMG_1479 IMG_1474


This season we would like to introduce our Fig Vinocotto and Lemon Vinocotto.

Vinocotto is a reduction of unfermented crushed fruit and skins of dark grapes, known as must.  The result is a light syrup with a sweet and sour flavour known in Italy as ‘agrodolce’.  This perfect balance makes vinocotto equally at home in sweet and sour dishes.  The added infusing of lemon adds a fruit roundness to your vinocotto cream or glazing meats.  10wayswithvinocotto was published by SBS Food and is a great read for recipes and serving suggestions.


Looking fresh – hour 1 of 18 hours of cooking!
All bottled and set to go
Infused with orchard produce



Pop in to cellar door, there is only a small supply of this nectar and will move fast with the foodies!

Ahhh jars and bottles and wooden spoons!