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Tasting Notes:


The Year that.....

A brown snake visited the officeNot the best way to start a day, realising that you have all been working in our
office for an hour or so before you realise that there is a brown snake in the corner.
Panic ensues, dogs are locked out, everyone stands on the desks and brave Brioni has
to get the snake wire and get it out of the building. Took a while for the adrenalin to subside after that one.

Awards & Accolades:

Oliver’s Taranga Vineyard Shiraz 2015

Big generosity in a fresh, modern take on old vine McLaren shiraz, bridging the divide between skinny new-school and traditional styles. The mid-palate is soft but has a long line. There’s depth of flavour but also immediate approachability. It’s a well-made crowd-pleaser, and as an entry level to the impressive Oliver’s Taranga brand, it represents superb value for money. David Sly