Blog 101 – Behind the scenes pics from today’s photo shoot

Marion begins preparation in the kitchen

Today we welcomed the Adelaide Magazine to Oliver’s Taranga for a photo shoot that you will see the results of in their August edition. We are very excited to be a part of this magazine that comes out monthly in the Advertiser.

Gran gets the hair and makeup treatment

Food Editor Simon Wilkinson picked Marion up from the airport bright and early this morning and they made their way down to the winery.

One of gran's antique plates

Of course the stylist was at our place much earlier than that – with all sorts of goodies, flowers, vases and antique looking things for the shoot which is themed on the 170 years celebration!

the table...

I even added our own touches with a few things of Grans from yesteryear – including a set of antique salt and pepper shakers whe had never used that were given a a wedding gift!

discussions with the stylists!

Gran came along of course, plus Don and Marg, my husband Dan and my kids Koen and Miah (and Don’s dog). Unfortunately Brioni wasn’t able to be there, although i think she is kinda cool with that given she is on holiday in Mexico!

the lamb goes in the oven with simon wilkinson and the photographer looking on

A big thanks to all of Adelaide magazine crew and of course to lovely Marion for putting together her inspired 170 year menu (shall keep it mostly a secret – you will have to get the August edition of Adelaide Magazine!

Cheers all