Blog 106: The Banished in Antarctica? Yes!

Just thought I would share with you all a letter and pics we received from one of our brilliant Oliver’s Taranga customers:

perfect for antarctic conditions - our fortified grenache - "the banished"

I dropped into the cellar door with my partner in November last year and we had a lovely time tasting some of your great wines and took a couple of bottles home, including a bottle of The Banished Fortified Grenache. I mentioned at the time that I was about to head off to Antarctica for the summer to do some field work (I am a research geologist) and was planning on taking The Banished down with me to share with my team.

“The woman working on the cellar door said that if I could get some photos of that it would be great. So, I did! Unfortunately it went down a little too quickly and easily in the warmth of the tent to get any good shots of people drinking it but I took some shots of the (now empty) bottle outside at the field camp and have attached a couple.

“If you’re interested, we were in the central Transantarctic mountains near the Beardmore Glacier, at a latitude of 84 degrees south. My whole team, who were mainly Americans and Canadians, really enjoyed it and it was a lovely piece of home to be able to share with them while feeling a very long way from home.”

Dr Kate, Adelaide

So, The Banished is more well travelled that we are!! Thanks so much to Kate for sharing her story with us. We love to hear about your experiences with our wines,send them through to whenever the mood strikes you!