Blog 113 – A spot of guerrilla gardening at Seaford Heights

Political again I know, but this weekend I joined a group of locals, Senator Nick Xenophon (and all four of the news channels!) to do a spot of ‘Guerrilla Gardening’.

We all had shovels in hand, seeds in our pockets, and we headed for the proposed Seaford Heights housing site to create a community garden, and show that the site should remain as agricultural land, contributing to the food bowl of the state.

The beautiful soils are soon to be covered in concrete and housing, and it actually made me sadder to see the soil and get my hands dirty. I am very glad that Senator Nick Xenophon has thrown his weight behind the cause.  See for more information.

photo 1 – Organiser James Hook shows us what to do

photo 2 – the planting begins









photo 3 – Plantings take shape 


photo 4 – Agree with this banner

photo 5 – The poster says it all


photo 6 – Senator Nick Xenophon gets his hands dirty