Blog 123: LIVE BLOG FROM TI CHOW ADELAIDE with special guest Nick Stock

So we’ve had a successful #HEARTYPARTY at Adelaide Central Market (I believe it is number one with a bullet) and we’re all now sitting at Ti Chow chowing down on oyster omelette, shallott pancake, softshell crab and let’s not forget the “boozy suzie” – full of cracker wines from Solita, Yalumba, Ducks in a Row Arete, Madeleines, Foillard, Graillot, an old Leo Buring and Capel Vale…

And it dawned on #HEARTYPARTY crewmember Nick Stock (he of Solita fame) that our 170 year celebration is an amazing milestone.. so, let’s hand it over to Nick:

“It occurred to me that 170 years ago if you wanted to sell your wine … I wonder if you just took it down to the market on your horse buggy?”

“It’s a very common sense approach to getting your wine to market.”

And then Chris Dix asked “Who was the winewriter in 1841?”

and Nick said “James Halliday?”

And Nathen laughed.

And Corrina guffawed and stroked her beard.