Blog 18: Lunch at Quay……Brioni hearts the ‘snow egg’

Not a bad view!

One Sydney restaurant that has been a supporter of Oliver’s Taranga for a long time is Quay, so Brioni and I felt it was our duty to check it out! Quay is housed in the Overseas Passenger Terminal on Circular Quay- directly across from the Opera House. Pretty special spot.

Brioni & I were the only table that wasnt a couple having a romantic lunch gazing into each others eyes- this place must be proposal central!

The four course lunch menu has our mouthwatering before we even begin, and the food doesnt dissappoint when it arrives at our table.

Head Sommellier Dan has done a brilliant job on the wine list- especially given that it includes our 04 Oliver’s Taranga Shiraz!

Course 1- the red balls are sashimi tuna....divine
Course 2: Organic heirloom carrots, cumin, fennel & celery seeds, comté-infused curd, almonds, amaranth
Course 3- Berkshire pig jowl, maltose crackling, prunes, cauliflower cream, perfumed with prune kernel oil
Course 4: Quay's Eight texture chocolate cake
Brioni was most excited about her 4th course, the famous Peter Gilmore Snow Egg- and she wasnt dissapointed!
Brioni heart Snow Egg

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