Blog 27: Nicky’s adventures in the world of Balsamic vinegar- Reggiolo, Reggio Emilia

Nicky, Marco & Nico cooking the must

As you may have known, we have lost our Nicky for a couple of weeks. Thanks to a fabulous grant from the SA Food & Beverage Fund, she has headed over to the tiny town of Reggiolo, Italy to learn about how to make traditional Balsamic Vinegar at Acetaia Sangiacomo –

She is having some amazing experiences. We have just chatted to her on skype- and it seems that the whole town is coming together to make sure she eats, experiences, learns, tastes and has fun.

Nicky's house in Reggiolo

We are EXTREMELY jealous- if traditional Balsamic is something that interests you- check out her blog at

Melina bottling the Balsamico

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