Blog 53: Some love from one of Oliver’s Taranga’s biggest fans…

Do you know what the best thing about making wine is……when you hear feedback from a customer who has had a great night/experience/tasting and your wine has been a key part of making it great. Seriously, there is nothing better- makes the late nights, stressing in the vineyard, red hands and teeth all worthwhile.

We got this email from one of our fans- Bernd- who not only has had his own great night, but he has been recommending our wine to guests as a waiter, and helping them have a great experience as well!

The awesome Brisbane restaurant Cha Cha Char Wine Bar & Grill have been big supporters of Oliver’s Taranga since way back- and now we know why!!! Want to book into Cha Cha Char and taste our wine- click here for details.

Cha Cha Char's Wine wall- you can see the Oliver's Taranga Shiraz at the bottom if you squint!

Here is the letter from Bernd….

“Dear Sir/Madam,

 I have been wanting to send this email for quiet some time. But I couldn’t pick a better moment than today. I am sending you this email to express my gratitude I have for your excellent wine making that I have enjoyed selling/promoting and to drink for several years. I have been working in fine dining for 6 years as a waiter and have spend the vast majority of it working at Cha Cha Char Restaurant in Brisbane. From day one that I started at Cha in 2005 I have been amazed by the great quality of Shiraz that you produce. Your Shiraz is in my view to ideal ‘friend’ to accompany a great piece of steak. Many people would choose Penfolds Bin 128 or Pepperjack, but I enjoy to broaden people’s horizon with a big, lengthy, velvety Mclaren Vale Shiraz that shows good complexity and ripe cherry’s and cigar box. Over my years as a waiter I have sold at least 1-1.5 cases a week of your Oliver’s Shiraz, and it hardly ever disappoints. I have recently resigned from Cha Cha Cha at I am entering a career in sales with Love Energy (which you might know). Yesterday I got the good news that I am starting up the QLD office with two other colleagues  I celebrated this with my parents with one of your best vintages the ’04’ (see picture attached). It was a great moment that I wanted to share with you, which illustrates a new beginning and the end of fantastic years working with your wines as a waiter, the 04 Oliver’s certainly was the best to celebrate this moment!


I would like to wish you all the best to continue great wine making, I will certainly continue to recommend Oliver’s!

Kind regards, Bernd”

P.S. We agree Bernd- the 04 was a cracker year! Thanks for taking the time to contact us and making our day with your kind comments!

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