Blog 75: End of vintage party at Andre’s Cucina & Polenta Bar- Adelaide

The entire Oliver’s Taranga Team headed to Andre’s Cucina and Polenta Bar for a night of wining and dining in celebration of the end of vintage 2011.


The team dines at Andre's Cucina & Polenta Bar

Andre’s is an Italian restaurant with a unique twist. As the name says, traditional polenta dishes are part of the focus with platters designed to share. A really great way to eat.


For Stuzzichini (appetiser) we had fried seafood with lemon aioli, focaccine margherita, stuffed olives and herb pate! Yum! The waiters then bought out the long wooded boards with all kinds of vegetables and condiments, amazing Italian shaved meats, 2 types of polenta, the most amazing porchetta and fabulous slow cooked beef. I was stuffed, the food was amazing and the wines worked really well with all the dishes. Just when you think you can’t eat another thing! The most divine chocolate filled banana donuts come out with a vanilla bean custard dipping sauce……Ohh soooooo good, and a glass of Banished to finish it off. Not a bad way to end the night.


We all had such a fantastic night, maybe one too many wines.  I also want to apologise to any other diners, as we were the loudest group in the restaurant.  Especially when Jim (our resident comedian / vine hand extraordinaire) was telling Andre how a pruner in the ‘good old’ days used to communicate  with another pruner in another block of vines. I was thinking, goodness where is this going…… and then Jim leans forward with his hands around his mouth and takes a deep breath and lets out the loudest ‘ShaWoo’ (which is kind of like a ‘Cooee’ but different). Anyway, everyone in the restaurant jumped around to look at us and see what had happened! Take the country kids to the city and it all goes pear shaped! 

Jim chowing down on the slow cooked beef bones

Just a normal night out with the Oliver’s Taranga Team!

After eating at Andres Cucina & Polenta Bar again- I can’t wait for the 170th dinner! Maybe Jim can show everyone the ‘ShaWoo’ again!   


Margie, Don, Andre & Brioni

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