Blog 81: Another brush with celebrity….

Our Australia Post delivery ‘dude’ Keith was a little star struck when he had the opportunity to meet Marion ( at the winery the other week.

We were in the middle of a photo shoot when Keith came driving in for his daily wine pick-up.  After spotting Marion, he sought me out of Cellar door to introduce him to Marion and take a pic on his iphone.

In post conversation I was teasing him about how tongue tied he was.  Keith admitted that he hadn’t nervously sweat so much since his wedding day—-but even funnier her wanted to give Marion something that she would remember him by. 

Apparently, he scoured his truck and opened up his lunch box and found a ‘Le Snax’ biscuit and cheese dip.   Embarrassed of his offering he refrained from giving it to her.

We laughed long and hard about that one at the winery…………………..

Keith and his idol, Marion

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