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Ever wondered what vintage in the vineyard sounds like?!? Seventh gen Miah got involved in recording a day in the life of a vineyard during harvest- it’s busy!!

Also our vintage 2023 blog from winemaker Corrina is up on our website if you want to learn more. Short story is that it was challenging - one of the longest vintages we’ve had - but worth every extra effort.

🍷 www.OliversTaranga.com 🍷

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The last autumn leaves hanging on our ‘Cemetery block’ Grenache. Not long until pruning time. 🍂🍁
#autumnvibes #vineyards #mclarenvale #grenachegang #grenache #redwine

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Our Mum/Gran/Great Gran would have been 100 today 💯❤️💯❤️💯❤️ She was the BEST ...

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@sproutadl paella coming at us for our Spanish party #tarangatravels #spain #olé #wine #mclarenvale. #chorizo 🤤💃 ...

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