Corrina V Karena- A ‘blow by blow’ report from guest, Adam Jacobs (aka Doc Adams)

Well folks, what a big match we have on the card tonight at the infamous Salopian Inn!! The title for the best McLaren Vale Taste Sensation over three tireless rounds…….

Corrina ‘The Crusher’ Wright in the blue corner wearing floral trunks Vs Karena ‘ The Knife” Armstrong in the red corner wearing black trucks with pink flowers.

Karena known for her master chef skills and a record 22 years at the elite level she is an imposing opponent to Corrina the Chief winemaker at Oliver’s Taranga vineyards with 20 vintages under her belt.

Fighters come together as the crowd mill around, there’s some nasty words being spoken by both opponents and the head referee tells the boxers to wait for the first bell.

Round 1, Ding Ding !! the bell sounds, they come together touch gloves and ” bang”., Natural Oysters with Shallot Vinigarette and Crab and Prawn Dumplings are a smash from Karena.

The punches are thrown back from Corrina , she’s up for the fight with the 2014 Fiano and 2014 Vermentino new release wines. This is sure to be a match to remember.

Hindmarsh Valley Cumulus Goats Curd, Fennel salad finish the round off with a 2014 Mencia Rose wine. Points are even folks.

The crowd settle in their seats as more pour into the stadium looking for a vantage point. The 86 strong crowd are restless.  Round 2 commences.

The main course is served with Salopian Sourdough, but it’s the Potato Gnocchi with Kuipto Mushroom Ragu that sets the scene. A classic dish with freshness sees Corrina staggering.

She comes back trading punches one to the chin with 2011 Olivers Grenache and then another crack to the nose with the 11 Olivers Sagrantino. Another big right with the 2012 shiraz. It can’t keep going on like this……

Karena must respond, she is fading but she does with an upper and then one to the side of the head with the Red Braised Free Range Duck with Mandarin, Cinnamon and Star Anise.

Both fighters understand the challenge now and it’s on for young and old.

Slow Braised Brisket with Chestnut crumb and Jerusalem Artichoke attacks but it’s the 2102 Reserve Shiraz that sees the fight turn on its self. Karena slightly ahead on points folks but not now Corrina who is in it for the long haul. She wants the title, Ding Ding !!  Round over.

Final round folks, the crowd is getting noisier they can smell blood. They want it !!!!

Both battered and bruised the fighters take their positions. Apple and Quince Strudel and Cinnamon Ice Cream with Fleurieu Cream comes out and “smash” Corrina is down, “1,2,3,4” the referee counts

She’s up, thank god the crowd sigh. She responds with a 2013 Taranga Moscato with great complexity and then the final punch a Fortified Grenache that rocks Karena to her knees.

Boy folks!!! it continues for the next 30 seconds punch after punch and crowd are getting louder and louder.  DING DING !!! the bout is over. All the training and experience of these fighters has been on display tonight and there’s only one decision now and it’s in the in the hands of the senior referee.

Bruised, bloodied and tired they come together for one last moment as the match referee announces.  “ITS A DRAW, POINTS ARE EVEN” . The crowd go wild entering the ring and go to their favourite boxer to show their displeasure or pleasure for the evening’s event.

One last announcement, ” THERE IS TO A REMATCH”

Corrina v Karena-4659

Adam Jacobs A.D.App.Sc (viticulture)


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