Countdown 161: Chocolate and fortified grenache? read on…

Happy Easter Sunday to you all!

Today chocolate is not only allowed, it is encouraged – and consumed in vast quantities.

Isn’t it wonderful to indulge in our guilty pleasure? Well, we have a treat for you of the chocolate variety that also includes our fortified Grenache!

Local chocolate manufacturer DMC Confectionary takes a bottle or two of our “The Banished” fortified grenache, turns it into a super scrummy jelly filling (via magic, we assume) and inserts it into balls of dark chocolate…. So yummy!

It’s very difficult to have them in the cellar door without opening a packet every now & then!


for more versions. You can even order online, but if you want “The Banished” filled ones, you have to come into cellar door.

Wishing you all a happy and safe Easter…