Countdown: Blog 138: It’s a vinous love for Tim Stock

Hi all,

Tim Stock

The great thing about this blog is it gives us an opportunity to introduce you to people we really like, people who have helped Oliver’s Taranga along the way… Tim Stock is of one of these people. We asked Tim a few questions about his business, his hometown and wine. Thanks heaps for your time Tim – we love working with you!

Let us know a little about you and your company?

Vinous is a small distributor, importer and producer based in Sydney. It began almost by accident when I was working as a sommelier at Aria Restaurant. I offered to help a few winemaker friends gain some more exposure in Sydney. Before I knew it producers were contacting me and I realised there was a real opportunity. The portfolio was established over many years, which gave me the luxury of hand-picking some of the best producers from each region. Today we also import from Europe, fulfilling a long-term dream of mine. In 2010 we embarked on another long-term desire, to produce our own wines but in a way that will contribute to the vinous landscape, rather than just “cash in”.

What are your favourite things to do in your home town? Where would you take a visitor?

I am pretty time poor so eating and drinking is my indulgence. I usually head to smaller places where I know I will get a new experience every time. Bentley Bar & Restaurant is a must for dining with visitors and for drinking locally its 10 William St.

What gets you excited about wine?

Something new.

Sound, well-made wine is a given today. I look for wines that speak of more than just fruit and the winemaker.

How did you come to find Oliver’s Taranga?

I think I was selling them at Aria and when I made the decision to take my side project seriously the Oliver’s was the first door I knocked on.

Anything else you would like to add?

Happy 170th to the Oliver Family and Oliver’s Taranga!

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