Countdown: Blog 142: The princess who loved purple

The Princess Who Loved Purple

By Miah

One day there was a pretty little princess and she loved purple. She painted purple, planted purple flowers, she wore purple clothes, she drank purple wine and she ate purple food- especially purple grapes. Her mum was very nice, but she did not let her get dirty, because the wine would stain her dresses. Her dad was a wine maker. He grew the best wine in Australia, and he had won 6 awards, 4 medals and 24 trophies.

The princess had longed to help her dad, but her mum would not let her get dirty. One day during vintage her dad was working late at night. So while her mum was sleeping she snuck out and ran to her dad and begged him for her to have the chance to help him. Her dad said “OK, if you don’t tell your mum.” The Princess said “I promise.” So she helped her dad all night long and the next night and the next night. Until she knew how to make all the wine as well.

One morning the princess got a big surprise because there was a strange man in the house. The princess yelled to her mum. Her mum said that this was the man who wanted to marry her. “He is a winemaker and he will be able to make you all the wine you want.” But the pretty little princess didn’t love this man, she loved another one- one who couldn’t make wine. He said to her “I cannot make wine, but your eyes twinkle and your lips are bright red and I love that colour- will you be my bride.” The princess said “Yes, and don’t worry that you can’t make wine. I can make it all by myself.” And they lived happily ever after.