Countdown :Blog 162: It’s a dog’s life

Resident pooch at Oliver’s Taranga is Brioni’s dog, Patterson. Patterson grew up in the Bronx of the Wingfield Animal Welfare League until he was adopted by Brioni in 2007. The bond they share is strong, some say obsessive, as Patterson (or Pato for short) follows Brioni ‘s every move, even waiting outside the bathroom door.

Patterson (Pato)

Patterson’s Cellar door service leaves much to be desired. Barking at customers as they drive down the driveway; staring at customers from behind the wine bar until he finds someone he likes – then it’s all ear rubs and belly scratches!

Patterson’s life loves are riding in the back of Brioni’s ute (you can hear her coming from a mile away as Pato is normally spinning around barking, rocking the Ute from side to side.); and running on Moana beach chasing the waves as they crash onto the sand.

We asked Pato a few questions…

Your favourite wine?

My favourite wine would be anything that drips from a leaking seal and onto the cold concrete.

Most challenging thing about being an Oliver?

Trying to find my mum as she moves from room to room. And not being able to bite the wheelie bin tyres on rubbish day.