Countdown: Blog 163: Don’s Good Friday Calamari special!

Seeing it is Good Friday, I am sure you are all hooking into some fish for dinner?

We are very lucky here in McLaren Vale, living in such close proximity to the coast- “where the vines meet the sea”.

Don's fishing buddy (Brioni's boyfriend Chris)

Don is a super keen fisherman, but is without a boat. So he heads out with Brioni’s man, Chris, any chance he gets, each time with one aim: catch enough King George whiting or squid for a good feed.

Don’s favourite way to cook the whiting is very lightly dipped into some flour seasoned with salt and pepper and then straight onto the BBQ hotplate. “There is pretty much nothing better than fresh whiting,” Don reckons.

So after much prodding, we have convinced Don to give up his famous calamari recipe, known as the Special Don Calamari!

Special Don Calamari

After cleaning the fresh squid, tenderise and cut into strips.

Marinate in a mixture of good white wine (Don likes to use the Oliver’s Taranga Small Batch Fiano), garlic salt & olive oil.

Once marinated, pop the strips onto a very hot BBQ, and sprinkle with lots of chopped garlic. Cook very briefly, make sure that you don’t overcook it or it will be chewy and tough. It should only take around 2 minutes.

By the way, we couldn’t talk Don into giving away any of his fishing spots!