COUNTDOWN DAY 165: Margie Oliver, Wife, grandmother, financial controller, proof-reader extraordinaire …

Margie Oliver

Meet Margie Oliver – wife of Don, Oliver’s Taranga administration manager and financial controller of the office – with the spelling and grammar skills of an English professor!

Margie is supposedly winding back the days on call, but quite unable to keep away from the office and the antics within – even bringing in the gorgeous Oliver grandchildren to while away some time and have a chat because a small job needs completing.

Margie was the original person in charge of the fledgling wine company, until growth overtook the time required and both Corrina and Brioni returned to the fold.

We asked Margie a few questions…

What is your proudest moment?

Seeing the next generation become parents themselves whilst capably filling their chosen roles within and outside the company.  Seeing them adopt old practises and adapting them to fit new world expectations.  It’s actually quite wonderful to realise that Don and I are expendable and can go away for a while leaving the vineyard and wine business in responsible and very capable hands.

Your favourite wine?

I have always enjoyed a tawny port and our stunning 20-year-old “The Banished” Fortified Grenache fits the bill perfectly – from fishing on the end of a cold jetty to sitting around a campfire with good friends.

Most challenging thing about being an Oliver?

As current caretakers of this beautiful property, we are determined to make our mark by improving the land and business management practises, whilst continuing to strive to grow the best grapes, make and market the best wine and ultimately hand on an extraordinary heritage to the next generation.