Countdown: Day 156 – the banished

At Oliver’s Taranga, we do pride ourselves on having a good time. We work hard and we definitely enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine at the end of the day.

Enjoying themselves... "the banished" Oliver boys

While we like a party (and are planning one hell of a shindig on October 8 this year), we do know when enough’s enough… not like our ancestors. A bit of hell-raising is in the Oliver genes but a couple of  boys in the second generation took things just a little too far.

Three brothers. They liked a drink. They liked a punt. And they liked a smoke. They weren’t so keen on growing grapes or doing anything that could vaguely be described as “work”. These boys, now known as “the banished” (because they were disinherited from the family) – could be found most days at the local saloon, whiling away the hours.

We salute their carefree attitude with our fortified Grenache that we call “the banished”.

The artwork assigned to the bottle of “the banished” was sourced from our archival photos taken in King William St in the 1880’s – This picture speaks a thousand words!