Don’s Dorpers: Blog 120

Even though Oliver’s Taranga is now primarily a vineyard property now, in the past it has been more of a mixed farm. Over the 170 years it has produced grapes, apricots, wheat, barley, currants, pigs, sheep, cattle and even Clydesdale horses. As such, Don spent his youth helping out his dad HJ with a number of different agricultural pursuits. He has always loved working with sheep, and has managed to cling onto this today, with one small paddock on the Taranga property being dedicated to our Dorper sheep flock, all seven of them!

Dorper are a breed of sheep that shed their wool, making them very easy to look after, with no shearing, crutching or the like. They are also very fertile, and we have had a number of sets of triplets from our small flock.

Most importantly though, they are very good eating. They have a slightly higher proportion of marbling through the meat, and as such have a wonderful flavour, especially when roasted in our wood oven!

The guys at d’Arrys Verandah often have Dorper lamb on the menu- currently the Dorper Lamb Trio ( I have tasted this dish and it is divine! Being on the Oliver’s Taranga payroll automatically gets you a side of lamb a couple of times a year- so the wood oven gets a work out pretty regularly.

I encourage you to ask your butcher whether they can source you some Dorper and let the taste comparisons begin. Don reckons you won’t go back once you have tried Dorper