Feel for winemakers

With Mothers Day coming up here is a little story on how our winemaker Corrina manages her brood over the craziness of vintage!

The lot of a winemaker, especially at vintage time, is far from a glamorous one. One needs only to look down at the stained hand of a winemaker as he or she greets you with a handshake and a tired-looking smile to see this.

For many winemakers, vignerons and cellar hands, it will also mark the end of weeks of sleeping in makeshift quarters at their winery, far from home and the love of their families. Stealing time with partners and children whenever there is a break in the routine of picking, crushing and fermenting, picking, crushing, fermenting becomes almost a sport.

For those with children, someone still has to take them to school, cook for them, help with homework or change nappies – all the things those in the wine industry manage to combine with work for the other 10 months of the year.

Corrina Wright is a winemaker mum, who makes wine for her family’s winery, Oliver’s Taranga, which she runs together with her cousin Brioni Oliver in South Australia’s McLaren Vale.

Oliver’s Taranga, one of South Australia’s oldest businesses, has grown grapes for wine production for 170 years and produced its own wine since 1994.

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