The low down on the ‘touch downs’ @ Try wine Fundraiser day

The low down on the ‘touch downs’ @ Try wine Fundraiser day

It’s a fundraiser “they say – “you know just a few friendlies amongst our neighbouring wineries” – “a good cause to raise some needed funds for the Willunga High School Viticulture department”.  Well, I survived Willunga High School some 20 something years ago, I can survive a day of flapping around on a field – surely?


Well, it was with a few days to go that Corrina bunged her ankle, Brioni had laser eye surgery, Trudy had a home open, and Kieran was feeling a little precarious post baby. Girls!  Oh know! We better get a good team t-shirt colour this is not looking good.  It was orange- I was happy!


The day started off with our gathered fellow homies, boyfriends or basically anyone that had a pair of runners. There were more team mascots and babies than you could poke a stick at. Lucky for the jumpy castle and a long jumping field of sand. (sorry there might be a few buried sausages in there)

Barely, a hamstring or calf muscle was stretched as we wandered on the field for the first game.  Like lambs to the slaughter, we actually fared quite well—oh s&*t, maybe we should of gone over the rules, we aren’t too bad.  Screams were directed to Jimmy and the Dan’s to confirm offsides, keeping your line and if your the dummy.

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Friendlies! do they exist in Australia?  It went from a little cardio to sheep stations in a couple of games.  Don Oliver ( who has always been number one Dad/Uncle coach) was barracking, coaching? hard from the sidelines.

Pep talks became more and more strategic and  everyone had to pay attention.  There was no daydreaming about the steak sandwiches or the Beer, wines and ciders being poured in the tent up the hill. huh!


Our semi -final was probably the most fun!   It was down to the wire with Rosemount Estate.  Extra time consisted of removing a player until it was 2 on 2, with first team to score a try.   ‘Hilly’ found a gap and pounded through to the line with a hero run.  We were all screaming him on!



The final wasn’t so great with Wirra Wirra rolling over us in fitness and rules.  We were happy to be the bridesmaids -again

We would love to thank John Gledhill from Rosemount Estate, who was a super amazing organiser. Our fellow teams – Wirra Wirra, Rosemount Estate, Maxwell/MV Winemakers, Penny’s Hill/D’arry’s, Yangarra, Winegrapes, Chapel Hill and of course Willunga High School. The sponsors and donations were many and we are thankful.  $3500 were raised and a lovely Sunday spent.

Thanks Heidi Condon for all the amazing unco photo’s–all stunt work was done ourselves.


Our reward were a few sore muscles back at work today!

Cheers Nicky