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At this time of year, more time is spent in the vines than on a desk chair.   Watering schedules,  grape sampling for optimum picking times, machinery preparation and then mechanical harvesting, hand picking and of course the distribution or processing of the fruit.  It can be manic, there can be yelling but overall it is a great example of  teamwork with a decent amount of sweat.   The rewards come with the sunrises and sunsets and perhaps a nice cold beer for breakfast.

Enjoy our picture gallery so far and the next time you drink an Oliver’s Taranga Wine you can think of all the dusty, sticky boots that made it happen.

IMG 6178 | 2023
Our 71 year old shiraz block is stooped and gnarly, but the wine from this fruit is ‘liquid gold’.


IMG 6217 | 2023
It’s a shiraz view – did you know most wine varieties can be identified their leaves.


IMG 6219 | 2023
Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow


IMG 5961 e1552443503368 | 2023
Shiraz going through the crusher


IMG 6211 | 2023
Sometimes the old ‘International’ gets a run
IMG 4837 | 2023
Not a bad view at the end of the day


IMG 4858 | 2023
Boot blow outs


ADE942C5 4265 4759 9146 70B649219F40 | 2023



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