Oliver’s Taranga label refresh

Oliver’s Taranga label refresh


Oliver’s Taranga are having a little facelift!

Apart from making wine, growing grapes, looking after the dogs, getting into the World Crossfit Games (Brioni) and wrangling an emotional teenager plus an active 6yo boy (Corrina)- the Oliver’s Taranga Team have been working hard on a label facelift, the first in many years. Not that we didn’t love our labels, we just wanted to make sure that we were really representing the essence of us….without getting too weird!

We have worked with our designer team, Draw Studio, who put in the hard yards. First was the information gathering stage, where many hours were spent in cellar door hearing stories from our staff and the questions that all our customers ask, as well as in bottle shops and out in restaurants. A tough job, but someone had to do it! They also delved hard into our family archives, going through all of the amazing number of family documents, photos and paraphernalia that we have collected over the 175 years on the Taranga vineyard. We found that there were a few areas we could improve our labels story telling ability, so that our customers could engage even more with our wines and our family brand.

Firstly, we needed to somehow tell more about our history on our label, without being boring. We want our customers to understand that we are a pretty fun, farming family running a boutique winery, making small-batch estate-grown cracking wines (if we do say so ourselves!) Secondly, we wanted to give customers a reason for a conversation to start- about our wines, the family, the vintage, the region…

So…we have added in our “Started by our Great Great Great Great Grandfather” tag line. We have made the ‘mandatories’ of the back label more of a focal point, with a stand out – Produced By Oliver’s Taranga Vineyards – and we have tweaked the back label text. We have used fonts that are dear to us, and have been part of the long history of the family. One big change is the move to ‘burgundy’ shaped bottles, something we have wanted to do for a long time.
After looking through all the family records, we noticed loads of documents, and so we have rearranged the label to look more like one from the olden days. We wanted to continue to document the families on-going relationship with the land, and tell a quirky story about the vintage (The Year That……) that encourages our customers to ask questions and start a conversation with us.  Hopefully one that grows into a long-term relationship. There we go getting a bit weird again- but seriously, we do want to be real people, not just a generic bottle standing on a shelf.
Hope that you enjoy the changes, starting with our 2016 Fiano and Vermentino. Watch this space as we roll out to the reds and the reserve wines as well over the next year. Please let us know your feedback & we look forward to seeing you in our cellar door, on the socials or via our mail order soon.


Corrina and the Oliver’s Taranga team