Oliver’s Taranga muscle

Oliver’s Taranga muscle

We thought we should divert from our ladies luncheons, cupcake deliveries and special celebrations to talk about our slightly more healthy pursuits.  Being a girly run company, we sometimes have to flex our muscles and brawn to show we mean business.

Not shy to a competition or two is Brioni Oliver.  Horse riding, netball, tennis and rowing kept her active in the earlier years but over the last 4 years she has pumped up her goals a smidge competing in Crossfit competitions.  Her local training ground is Crossfit Loaded and we have watched her Lats and Abs grow.

The Fitwar competitions are always a great watch and the rest of us also feel a bit puffed observing from the stands. Her amazing team made it to Regionals this year and came 10th in Australia!! Huge!


When Corrina Wright is not buzzing around the country side, she is keeping body and mind together by respresenting us on a McLaren Vale netball team.  A couple of children, knee recons later she is still whipping it around and her team took out the premiership Winter 2014.  Whoop whoop!


Kieran Seacombe who actually had a baby last week ran, swam and trained whilst pregnant and probably squeezed in only one or two weeks of waddling at the end.  Great effort!  We might need to tie her to the couch so she can recover ready for her next triathlon.  Her achievements last year was the Murray Man where she paced out a quick half marathon.

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I’ve traded in the high impact for weights and especially YOGA (along with some of the other girls too)  It is not suprising to find us demonstrating the latest asana challenge on the sisal carpet in the middle of the office floor. Sally White especially likes the wild thing, or maybe she just loves saying it.  I’m off to Bali  on Friday for some (non- five kid) relaxation with my man and accidentally made sure our Ubud villa is only 300m down the road from the Yogabarn (oops).  Brioni also attended a Yoga retreat called Bali Bliss Retreat, she loved the yogi (Morgan Wegbert) so much that whenever we need some motivation or advice we finish with -‘Morgan said’

Morgan from Bali Bliss Retreats


Don and Marg Oliver are keeping their fifth generation joints oiled by local bike riding and pilates.  Having a conversation about pelvic floor muscles with Don is rather interesting ??

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So we can talk WODS, Paleo, Go team, and Namaste any time you want.  Remember to live your dreams, we all have to work towards something, enjoy and stay healthy too.

Cheers Nicky