COUNTDOWN: DAY 170: Started by our great, great grandfather…

Countdown: DAY 170

William Oliver

It is only fitting that the first entry in this blog that will count down 170 days until the official celebration for Oliver’s Taranga’s 170th anniversary is about the very couple that started it all 170 years ago – William and Elizabeth Oliver, the first generation Oliver’s Taranga pioneers.

William and Elizabeth came to South Australia’s McLaren Vale in 1841 from Berwick in Roxburghshire, Scotland aboard the 360 tonne sailing ship “Delhi”.

They were two of 776 migrants to come to the state that year, adding to the then population of 15,485.

William and Elizabeth settled 2km north of McLaren Vale in the “Seaview” sub region, with two properties “White Hill” and “Taranga”, immediately planting orchards and vineyards and farming horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry.

They also found time to produce ten children.

Both the properties William and Elizabeth began are now run by the current generation Oliver’s Taranga family members

William passed away in 1888 leaving an estate that comprised of 18 horses, 38 head of cattle, 400 “fat sheep”, 3 pigs, a lot of poultry and implements including wagons, ploughs and a seedsower. His estate also included “4000 gallons of good wine”. How very fitting.

William and Elizabeth are buried in a marble crypt in the family cemetery on the northern edge of the Taranga property.

In the next 169 days leading up to a dinner celebration in the barrel shed at Oliver’s Taranga, we will be telling you more stories like this about generations past, current and future.

Hope to see you again tomorrow here on our new blog,