Vintage Part 4 – Barreling 2013

Often people ask us about the process during vintage.  We have created a series of five films with Corrina running through PickingCrushing, Fermentation, Barreling and Bottling.

Click to have a watch of Part 4 (Barreling) on the goings on behind the 2013 Oliver’s Taranga vintage.

In Part 4 Corrina takes us through the barreling process.


– Once we move through to the barreling process there is a number of things that can happen depending on the variety.

–  Can be racked every few weeks to once a year depending on the variety.

– But mostly this is the wines quiet time.

– Barreling can build up oak character, oxidise the wine and can be used to age.

– Richen the tannins, bring out a floral lift. Make sure that the wine is age worthy.



If you missed the Part 3 section on Fermentation CLICK HERE to have a look.

Hope you enjoyed. If you have any questions at all feel free to leave a comment and we will get back to you ASAP

Stay tuned for Part 5 – Bottling