Blog 35: Sagrantino Sessions 1- Chalmers Wines @ Fino

Paolo from Vigna Bottin tastes the vertical of Chalmers

After a very big night at the SA Wine of the Year awards- I still had to back it up with the first of the Sagrantino Sessions for lunch Saturday. It was brilliant to look at the Chalmers Sagrantino range- from a Rose, through a vertical of 2005, 2008 & 2009 Sagrantino. The food- as always- at Fino (Willunga) was divine.

For those of you who havent tried any Chalmers wines as yet- get on board. The Chalmer family specialise in Italian Varietals- in fact, they were instrumental in bringing alot of these varieties into Australia when they owned the massive Chalmers Nurseries in Mildura. If it wasnt for the Chalmers family- Sagrantino may have remained a tiny, unknown variety only in its original home Montefalco in Umbria- and we would have never had the pleasure of the wines in Australia.

Look forward to seeing you all on the 18th Sept for the next Sagrantino Sessions at Oliver’s Taranga. Unfortunately, I am sure the front of house wont be anywhere near that at Fino- but it should be a great day to crank up the pizza oven and celebrate Sagrantino the way it should be celebrated- with food & friends.

Maria from Vigna Bottin, Sharon (the hostess with the mostest) & Tennille Chalmers
The 16hr slow cooked Lamb shoulder- divine!!
Kim Chalmers & I- also note Ben Brooks who refused to get out of the photo- too funny

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