Blog 47: Spring is in the air

The buds on the vines are starting to move, everything is green (even the vege garden) and the days are calling me to the beach- must be close to spring.

The vege garden is cranking

The Chardonnay around the Vale is already growing fast, but one of the earliest reds  is Tempranillo. This is a variety that has its roots firmly in Spain, where it is widely planted across the all the main Spanish wine regions. Its name comes from the Spanish ‘Temprano’- which means ‘early’, and this characteristic doesnt change even when it is planted on our side of the world!

The Tempranillo buds starting to grow

The Shiraz, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon vines are still fast asleep- but it wont be long until they too are bursting forth.

All this growth makes me think about the upcoming vintage- what will it be like, cool and wet, or hot and dry, how will the wines look, what variety will be exciting, questions questions questions??? Bring on 2012 vintage…

Our resident Tawny Frogmouth "Elvis" is making the most of all the spring insects in the air
The Tempranillo in spring

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