Blog 55: Guest blog from Richard Angove- a wine & grape family celebrating a great milestone this year

Dr. William Angove
Richard Angove

Today, I have been lucky enough to get a guest blog from one of Australia’s great winemaking families- the Angoves. 5th Generation Richard Angove has been extremely modest in his blog- have no doubt this family have excelled at their craft and have helped shape the South Australian industry with 125 years of contribution. We welcome them to McLaren Vale (cellar door opening soon) and wish them all the best with their 125th year celebrations…Corrina

Over to Richard…….

William and Elizabeth Oliver were true pioneers of McLaren Vale and it is amazing to think that just five years after the state of South Australia was settled, the Oliver Family were beginning what would be a 170 year relationship with the beautiful region of McLaren vale.

In 1886, 45 Years after the Oliver’s settled in McLaren Vale my grandfather, Dr William Angove established a medical practice and vineyard in Tea Tree Gully and began tinkering with winemaking.

It would have been a small world in South Australia back then so it may well have been possible that the Angove’s and the Oliver’s would have known each other, a common interest in viticulture and wine has the propensity to get people together.

The Angove vineyards in Tea Tree Gully are now long gone replaced with the Adelaide suburban sprawl. With these original vineyards gone a vineyard planted to 80 year old Shiraz, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot was acquired in McLaren Vale on Chalk Hill and Oliver’s Road, incidentally only 1km around the corner from Oliver’s Taranga Cellar Door and Vineyard on Seaview Road.

The pressure on McLaren Vale from the urban sprawl has been well reported this year however with appropriate planning the longevity of the region and some of Australia’s best vineyards will hopefully continue to make some of Australia’s best wines for another 170 years.  

This year Angove Family Winemakers celebrates its 125th anniversary, this milestone is dwarfed, really by the 170 years the Oliver Family have been growing grapes and making wine. That both businesses are still 100% family owned and run is also quite amazing in an industry that has had many peaks and troughs.

The Angove Family today- 4th, 5th & 6th Generation

Congratulations Corrina and Family on your birthday and looking forward to sharing a few Pizzas and some cracking McLaren Vale wines this year and in the future…….

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