Chargrilled Lamb with Museum Release Shiraz

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Chargrilled Lamb with Museum Release Shiraz

MuseumReleaseShiraz LambLeg LowRes 9 | 2024

This month’s cooking series recipe feature is Chargrilled lamb  matched with Oliver’s Taranga Museum cellar Shiraz

We can’t wait for you to try a boneless leg of lamb over coals. Whether you have access to a fire pit, you are out camping, or in your weber kettle.

It is social, it keeps you warm and the juicy, smoky taste is so delicious. Settle into a winter night with a bottle of Oliver’s Taranga Museum Shiraz and you are all set. Roast up with your favourite vegetables – the video is set to inspire you rather than be a specific recipe.

Reach for a bottle of 2015 Museum Shiraz from your collection and let this delicious dish melt in your mouth.

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Cheers, Nicky and the OT crew