Porchetta Perfection

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Porchetta Perfection

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In the Fleurieu region, Chef Todd Steele is widely recognised as spit master extraordinaire – a man who knows his way around a cut of meat, and a rotisserie spit. And if you have been to one of our famous Porchetta Parties, you will no doubt agree.

So as a special treat for all of our OTT members, Todd has agreed to share his expert tips for the perfect Porchetta, so you can recreate the experience at home.

STEP 1: What to ask for

Many butchers will pre-prepare a Porchetta roll for you, and if you can live with the extra cost, Berkshire pork is worth the extra money.

If your butcher doesn’t have any prepared, ask for a Pork loin, and some pork belly to wrap around the outside.

To serve 4 people, ask for around 1.2kg, or 1.5kg if you want to make sure there’s a sandwich’s worth for the next day.

STEP 2: How to prepare

A butcher will have already rolled the Porchetta with the traditional seasonings of fennel, garlic, olive oil and parsley, then scored the skin for crackling.

If rolling the Porchetta yourself, just be sure to include these steps.

Then before you cook it, rub liberally with good quality olive oil, lemon juice and plenty of sea salt.

STEP 3: How to cook

A spit over charcoal is best for Porchetta, for around 1.5 to 2hrs.

If you’re cooking it in the oven, and you can raise the Porchetta roll on a wire rack, it will make it cook more evenly. Start on 200°C for 30 mins to crisp up the crackling, then back to 180°C for another hour.

When the juices run clear, you’ll know it’s ready. Once cooked, rest for 30mins.

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STEP 4: How to serve

To make it easier to serve, remove the crackling to another plate, then slice into nice thick slices, and arrange on a shared platter.

Top with some crunchy apple slaw, pork’s best friend, as well as some seasonal greens.

And don’t forget that delicious crunchy crackling to finish it off.

STEP 5: What to serve it with

Nothing like crispy roast potatoes cooked in the fat from the Porchetta to make this dish extra delicious!

Depending on the season, Porchetta is great with a lovely fresh salad in Summer, or some locally sourced fresh, steamed greens in Winter.

Top with a splash of olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt to keep those flavours going.

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STEP 6: What to drink with it

The whole reason Oliver’s Taranga started the Porchetta Party tradition was to match our Sagrantino.

The perfect partner for this dish, the intense tannins of Sagrantino, and delicious savouriness match the generous flavours of Porchetta beautifully.

Try this at home, or come to our next Porchetta Party on Sunday 24th September.

Trust us, it will be Delizioso!

Corrina, Brioni, Sam and the OT Team 

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