Sunburst Moscato Cocktail

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Sunburst Moscato Cocktail

CellarDoorTasting Nov21 WEB 51 1 | 2024

This Sunburst Moscato Cocktail is the refreshing blend of our Quince Gin and Moscato

CellarDoorTasting Nov21 WEB 53 | 2024
Sunburst Moscato Cocktail

Just because summer may be behind us, doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy a super refreshing cocktail!

Especially to mark an occasion like Mother’s Day, where let’s face it, most Mums wouldn’t mind one of these prepared for them by the people they love.

The sweet orange, cardamon, pepper and distinctive juniper character from our hand made Quince Gin marries perfectly with the rose petals, orange blossom and honey dew of our 2022 Moscato to make for a fragrant cocktail that is designed to impress.

So if you’re looking to treat a special person in your life, we’ve got you covered with this tasty cocktail. And if you play your cards right, you might get to have one too….


Corrina, Brioni, Sam and the OT Team 




  1. Add ice to a chilled wine glass
  2. Measure 50ml of Gin and pour into the glass
  3. Top up the glass with cold Moscato
  4. Top with a slice or two of dried citrus
  5. Add a little mint for extra fresh flavour

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CellarDoorTasting Nov21 WEB 47 | 2024
Add ice and fresh or dried citrus to a cool glass
CellarDoorTasting Nov21 WEB 50 | 2024
Add 50ml of Oliver’s Taranga Quince Gin
CellarDoorTasting Nov21 WEB 51 | 2024
Add 120-150ml of Oliver’s Taranga Moscato