Blog 107: A piece of Taranga yesteryear

At last!

One of the de-comissioned windmills from our south-east property, “Shannon” has been erected at our “Taranga” property.

The windmill is named the “Southern Cross” and we felt it needed a new home. This little bit of Australiana looks great up against the stone cellar door (Workers’ cottage circa 1850’s). All the credit goes to Marg Oliver who has spent the best part of the last year hassling the Oliver boys to transport and rebuild it on the property.

The boys took a little convincing to dedicate the time to this piece of memorabilia (practical farmers!) To complete the aesthetic appeal, a circulating water pump is hooked up to a water tank to replicate a functionable windmill. Along with our old vine burner and museum collection of old bottles – (that were retrieved from an old well, pictured), this display provides visitors with a visual of “Taranga” yesteryear.