Blog 118: More Milestones!

To Celebrate Dad (Don) and Grans (Marjorie) 60th and 88th Birthdays we packed up the family and headed down to Fino at Willunga

As per usual the food was amazing and Sharon looked after us exceptionally well. We had six amazing courses. Gran was a little concerned about the wild Coorong rabbit ballontine because she isn’t fan of rabbit. Dad told us that he used to catch the rabbits when he was younger and Gran would boil them up for hours so they were as tough as old boots. No wonder she wasn’t a fan of rabbit. But of course the Fino rabbit was cooked to perfection!

Don and Marj celebrating milestone birthdays

We also had some really nice wines. I suggested to Dad that he bring something along from the ‘Don’t Touch’ part of his cellar, seeing as it’s a special occasion and all..  He bought along a 1997 Penfolds Grange that he was given as part of the ‘Grange Grower Club’ it was a  really lovely wine, maybe it could of done with a couple more years cellaring but hey you only live once! Dad says he’s going to open the 1990 for his 70th, he thinks that will be even better!

Happy Birthday Dad and Gran! We look forward to celebrating many more!