Countdown: Blog 151: Jim


We would like to introduce Jim Ellis, an integral part of our vineyard team.

Jim is known by most McLaren Vale locals as our butcher, running his own shop for over 30 years.

In an attempt to “slow down” Jim joined us at Oliver’s Taranga and provides us with a good laugh in the vineyard. He is a bit of a “jack of all trades”.

We can rely on Jim to be present at all social events with a helping hand. Occasionally, Jim trades his wet weather gear for a road trip with his wife Gay. This little ditty was scribed on the beaches of Kalbarri Western Australia…

Old Paperskin…

He’s sitting on tractor

With bin out behind

A more dedicated bloke

You’ll never find

His line is not straight

As he harvests the vine

The boss gives him comfort

But don’t spill the wine

You reckon you’re good

And he’s already on side

When turning the headland

Two dogs he has spied

They were hard at it

In the sport we love most

Next thing we know

I’ve run over a post

We know he’s getting on

And a bit of a load

But you don’t have to worry

He’s gone on the road

BR’s onto topping

And Arry’s doin mowing

Daves out there pruning

The jobs are just flowing

So keep at it lads

You’re doin just fine

Don’s really happy

The product – fine wine

With Margie and Nicky

And Brioni makes three

They’ll sell you a drop

With some guarantee

She makes a fine wine

Does Corrina – you bet

No better reds

You’ll ever get

So when your down south

To buy a good drop

Head for Taranga!

A bloody good stop!