How to match wine and cheese

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How to match wine and cheese

Brillat Savarin & Fiano

Find out how to match wine and cheese with these great cheesy tips, and create the ultimate cheese platter to match our picks of Oliver’s Taranga wines.

1 | 2024
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First up, it’s all about creamy decadence, think brie or camembert. One of our favourites is the decadent French, triple cream brie – Brillat-Savarin. This cow’s milk cheese takes creamy to new levels, and leaves you hankering for more.

And although most people think red wine is the best match for all cheese, when you go creamy, we love this kind of cheese with our whites, especially our Fiano and The Hunt for Mrs Oliver Sparkling Fiano when you can get your hands on it. Both wines match so well with this type of cheese.

4 | 2024
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This semi-hard, cow’s milk cheese from France is such a delicious addition to any cheese platter, with distinctive nutty, almost fruity flavours that pair so well with wine. It is one of our favourites to match our Grenache, esepcially the RW Grenache, complementing the medium body of the wine and the bright berry flavours. And if Grenache is not your thing, you could easily match this cheese with our Shiraz, Brioni’s Blend and Corrina’s Shiraz Cabernet, wines that benefit from a cheese that doesn’t over power them.

3 | 2024
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What better cheese to match with our newest Spanish variety Mencia, than the classic Spanish cheese – Manchego. This semi-hard sheep’s milk cheese has just the right amount of savoury tones to match the flavours of our medium-bodied Mencia, an ideal choice if you want to try a little something different for your next cheese platter. We also like to match this cheese with some of our other Spanish varieties, including our Chica Rosé and Tempranillo, great wines to share with friends.

2 | 2024
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And how could we look past the most classic of cheeses – Cheddar, and we’re not talking Kraft singles, more like this delicious cloth-bound cheddar, an amazing way to enjoy this crumbly cheese. However, with such strong flavours, it’s worth reaching for something with equally rich flavours in wine. We like the DJ Cabernet with a cheddar like this, it has the power and backbone to complement this rich cheese perfectly.

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to cheese and wine, so we know everyone will build their cheese platter in their own unique way, but we thought we’d share some of our favourites just in case you feel like branching out on your next cheese platter, and need a great winey friend to complement.

So, if you find some great matches with our wines, please share it with us on socials, we’d love to hear from you!

Here’s to getting cheesy!

Cheers,  Corrina, Brioni, Sam & the OT Team