2017 Vine-Dried Cabernet Sauvignon


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Nicky celebrated 10 years with us and got a winery pig!

Inspired by the ‘amarone’ method used for centuries in Italy, a portion of the vineyard was hand-picked and dried on racks, and added to freshly picked Cabernet in the fermenter. The resultant wine is a mix of stewed fruits, figs, dates, dried cherries and warm Christmas pudding. Not for the faint hearted!


Aniseed spice, stewed cherries, sweet prunes and smoky background.
Rich and mouthfilling sweet fruited burst with divine soft but structural tannins on the palate. The aniseed character continues through the wine. All the Christmas pudding memories flood back, along with prunes and brandy warmth. Very moreish and loads of life in it for those who like to age their wines. Not for the faint-hearted!

We finally heard all your calls for more Vine Dried Cabernet! Only made in 2006,
2013 and now 2017- it was time for us to have a bit of a play with some spectacular
Cabernet from our vineyard. Inspired by the ‘Amarone’ method that has been used for centuries in Italy. A portion of the vineyard was handpicked and then dried in the air racks for 12 days. After the berries have concentrated and dehydrated,
straight into the fermenter they go. Then fresh picked grapes are crushed on top,
and the fermentation continues as normal. This means that the resultant wine is very
concentrated and higher alcohol than usual.


With 300 acres of premium grapevines on the Taranga property, the Oliver family has
over 50 blocks representing different grape varieties, clones, soil types & vine ages. Each vintage, different varieties & blocks will show their strength and from this has been born the ‘SMALL BATCH’ range. These wines have been handcrafted to speak of both the variety and the vintage in which they have been produced.

1832 bottles
McLaren Vale