Squid, fish and ‘Out of the Blue’ on the Fleurieu Peninsula

We talk in the office a lot!  We divert from wine, what we ate and where we exercised- but lately our fishing stories (with some gross over exaggeration!) has been taking place.  What is it in our species that brings out that primal hunter which causes us to brag on fish size, the battle to get them into the boat–oh and about the boat. Size and launching ease is  also very important.  Followed by the blood, sweat and beers that pour out while cleaning, gutting and filleting.

Well we love it! I must say that my fishing experience is further enhanced by  my new hemp fishing hat! But I am totally converted.  I have been able to tick ‘how to fillet a fish’ off my to do list.  Now I am starting to ponder locations, hooks, lures and bait.  Plus I am handy to bring along, because I do think refreshments, snacks and suncream too!

Fishing in the Fleurieu Peninsula and McLaren Vale surrounds

Currently, there are squid galore, they must have had a good rest during the winter, and are providing us with a lot of entertainment. My lucky hippy fishing skirt is covered in ink splatters.  I like some of the sandy patches just off of the Aldinga Reserve and it is a quick and easy location. If the squid aren’t playing the game take out some gents beacuse the ‘tommy ruffs’ are nice and fat this year.

Fishing on Fleuireu Peninsula

28 eight squid!

The garfish have just started running too.  Fish by day – or if you have ‘delicate’ skin,  take out a mammoth spot light and a net and go dabbing at night.  SO MUCH FUN!

Fishing on the Fleurieu

A fishermans basket

If Salmon is more your thing a few schools have been seen lately around Maslins Beach and Port Willunga, but if not Waitpinga further south is a great spot!–with a tranquil camp ground too.

If it gets too hot or it’s not your lucky day, motor around towards the Sellicks cliffs towards Myponga Beach.  There are lots of private rocky beaches and just out to sea there is a few ledges which are great to snorkel.  We see dolphins quite often– which btw are always sharks until they are identified.


Snorkelling on the Fleurieu Peninsula

There has been snook and Coorong Mulloway talk of late, but I’ll have to bring the boys in for that one.

We are lucky that many of our local restarants also serve up this fare! Star of Greece has amazing squid with aioli sauce, although I have found myself licking away at Nigel Rich’s squid at the Elbow Room so I could try and mimick it at home. Chinese Five spice I think!

Starfish - Port Willunga

Usually, whiting, gar and tommies will show up on menus too.  The experience is complete with a Oliver’s Taranga Vermentino or Fiano .  For those interstaters that call all the aforementioned ‘bait’ -shame on you!

Now really this blog was to talk about our cameo on ‘Out of the Blue’  . Check out Michael Keelan, talk real fishy facts whilst giving our Oliver’s Taranga Wine and McLaren Vale a plug!  It is a great show!

Next time I will share some of Don Oliver’s stories on his part time pursuit – Boat Fishing at Port Vincent.

Let us know your fishing stories, what you are catching and where?  All exaggerations are gratefully received!

Fleurieu Peninsula

Good times!

Cheers Nicky